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Center for Ethics helps with PA training

PA Training

One of the goals of the Center for Ethics is to help students better understand the foundations of their moral beliefs and apply that to their lives. The PAs who are key student leaders in the residence hall units play a significant role in students learning to understand and live out their faith in the Taylor community. As this school year is beginning the Center had an opportunity to assist in the training of PAs as they prepare to have a positive impact on the students they live with. On Tuesday, August 21, Steve Phillips led a training session on ethical decision making. The training was based on the ideas in the Framework for Ethical Discernment that the Center developed last year. The students were given time to think about what we believe about moral standards and what those standards are grounded in. They also had time to discuss how they would make a decision in a scenario similar to one they may face as a PA. We hope this will be the beginning of a growing relationship between the Center for Ethics and PAs and others involved in residence life at Taylor.