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Taylor University Ethics Bowl Team Wins the National Championship

2015 national champion Ethics Bowl team

Congratulations to the Taylor University Ethics Bowl team who won the national championship on 2/22/15.  They won all three qualifying matches (against Duke, Santa Clara and Texas Pan American).  Then they defeated Villanova in the quarter-finals, Indiana University in the semi-finals, and Whitworth University in the championship match.  The competition took place at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, California.  32 teams total, all having qualified by finishing among the top teams in their region.  There are ten regions nationwide, with several hundred teams competing across the nation.



The cases topics at nationals were the following (two cases covered per match):

  • The ethics of unpaid internships
  • The use of ancient artifacts (Roman lead ingots) for scientific purposes
  • The ethics of “prescriptive planting” farming technology
  • The killing of civilians in war
  • Parental rights of rapists
  • Fracking
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Minimum wage
  • Horse slaughterhouses
  • Stealth (undercover) journalism
  • Media use of “crowdsourcing”
  • Transgendered people and public bathrooms

Team roster:

Jess Biermann, Senior (Philosophy)

Nathaniel Cullen, Senior (Philosophy and Environmental Studies)

Kasey Leander, Junior (Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics)

Davis Meadors, Senior (Philosophy)

Caleb Nagel, Senior (Political Science)

Mark Taylor, Senior (Philosophy)

Veronica Toth, Junior (English)


Non-roster E-Bowlers who were on the Fall regionals team and made the trip to nationals, supporting the team in various ways:

Kyle Carruthers, Senior (Professional Writing)

Lydia Grace Espiritu (Philosophy)


Jim Spiegel is the coach.

Katie Duncan is the assistant coach, and she led the team in the Fall when the team qualified for nationals.