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Integration of Faith and Living at Taylor University

Integration of Faith and Living at Taylor University:
Why an Emphasis on Ethics is Essential to Taylor University’s Mission

Taylor University Center for Ethics

One of the keys to accomplishing Taylor University’s mission to develop servant leaders who will minister Christ’s redemptive love and truth to the world is to help students develop the moral character that they will need to fulfill that goal. This has been a distinctive of Taylor for many years. As former Taylor University President Milo Rediger said, “We make no bones about it. At Taylor we are committed to helping young people develop a sense of morality and a set of values.” Taylor University Provost Jeff Moshier recently reaffirmed that when he stated that one of the goals of the university is “the cultivation of Christ-like character in each student.” Just as the integration of faith and learning is a key to a Christian liberal arts education, so is the development of Christian moral character, as this is essentially the integration of faith and living. Both are crucial to fulfilling the university’s mission.
A university exists as a place of preparation. When universities first began they were understood to be places of both academic and moral preparation. However, over the years many universities have lost sight of their commitment to moral preparation and now focus solely on academics. Rampant public moral failures clearly demonstrate the need for moral preparation, but contemporary cultures and societies struggle to provide this. As a Christian university, Taylor University has the foundation on which to help students build moral character.
Developing a Christian value system and a Christ-like character involves changes in how we think and how we live. Taylor University has the resources to provide both aspects of moral development. As an academic community solidly rooted in biblical truth we have the ability to help students understand how moral values are grounded in the nature of God and the revealed truth of scripture. As a dynamic Christian community we provide an environment in which we can apply those moral values as we live together. We enter into a covenant that guides us in working out our biblical responsibilities of loving God and neighbor as we respect each other, care for one another, mend broken relationships, and seek to promote a more just society.
The Taylor University Center for Ethics is committed to helping Taylor University be more intentional and more effective at helping students develop biblical values and a Christ-like character.

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