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Taylor University Ethics Bowl team places in the top eight in the national competition

For the first time in twelve years of competition the Taylor University Ethics bowl team was able to advance to the quarterfinal round of the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl competition held at the annual meeting of the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics. They defeated the University of Maryland and Ripon College and lost a close decision to the University of Oklahoma in the opening rounds and lost another close decision to Wake Forrest University in the quarterfinal round.

During their matches, Taylor’s students argued cases that included whether or not the United States was justified in the killing of Osama bin Laden, whether or not a levee should be breached and surrounding farmland sacrificed to save a nearby town, and the ethics of a college professor writing a letter of recommendation for a sub-standard student.

The starting members of the team in the national competition were:

Tim McDermott – Senior, Communications and Philosophy

Suzanne Neefus – Sophomore, Philosophy and Political Science

Jonathan Povilonis – Senior, Biblical Literature and Philosophy

Jenna Stupar – Senior, History

Libby Trudeau – Senior, History and Sociology

Alternate team members were:

Daniel Kasper – Senior, Computer Science and Math

Paul Nurkkala – Junior, Computer Science/Systems

Hannah Warstler – Senior, Philosophy

Sean West – Senior, Philosophy and Psychology

The team’s coaches are Dr. Jim Spiegel and Dr. Jeff Cramer, assisted by Julie Campbell.

Following the meet Dr. Spiegel said, “As always, our team not only performed extremely well but also conducted themselves with grace and respect throughout the competition, both in victory and defeat. So in every respect they represented Taylor University with distinction. As their coaches, Jeff and I couldn’t be prouder.”


Taylor University Ethics Bowl team has success at regional competition

Taylor University Regional Ethics Bowl TeamAt the Central States Regional Ethics Bowl on 11/12/11 Taylor University was the only school to place both of its teams in the top five in the competition. The competition involved 22 teams representing 19 schools. Because of their success at the regional competition Taylor will be one of five schools from the central states region to send a team to the national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl that will be held at the annual meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics in Cincinnati on March 1, 2012.

Participating in the Ethics Bowl competition gives students an opportunity to explore their moral beliefs in detail and learn how to express their moral values in a society that may have very different ideas. Participants have expressed how deeply the experience of being on the team has impacted them in their lives after leaving Taylor.

The following students competed at the regional Ethics Bowl:

Team 1:  Tim McDermott–Captain (Senior, Political Science and Philosophy), Paul Nurkkala (Junior, Computer Science/Systems), Maggie O’Connell (Senior, Economics/Systems), Libby Trudeau (Senior, History and Sociology), Sean West (Senior, Psychology and Philosophy)

Team 2:  Tom Weingartner–Captain (Junior, Political Science and Economics), Daniel Kasper (Senior, Computer Science and Math), Suzanne Neefus (Sophomore, Philosophy and Political Science), Jonathan Povilonis (Senior, Philosophy and Biblical Studies), Jenna Stupar (Senior, History)

A team of five students from the two teams that competed at regionals is being selected to represent Taylor University at the national competition.

They are coached by Jim Spiegel, Jeff Cramer, and Julie Campbell.


Putting Moral Insights into Practice

The mission of the Taylor University Center for Ethics is to explore a uniquely Christ-centered understanding of moral truth and its application in the lives of students, faculty, staff, the church, and our world. We exist to help Taylor University better address the critical moral issues of our world and integrate ethics and moral discernment into every part of the university and into the life of everyone in the university community.

As we develop the resources to help accomplish this mission we will be sharing those resources with the university community and others who share our concerns through this web site. Please feel free to subscribe to our posts or contact us for more information!